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The Time for Change

Dear citizen,

The time for change is upon us.

Each day under this government takes us away from the country we yearn for.

We are presented in this election year with a moment of immense opportunity for change. We must seize it.

The agreement announced today between Agang SA and the Democratic Alliance that Mamphela Ramphele will be the only Presidential candidate allows both organisations to put together their strengths and their reach to take full advantage of this historic moment, and say to the African National Congress: enough is enough!

If we fail to use this opportunity, the risks we face will consume us.

Corruption seems to know no limits. Our children are dying – drowning in pit toilets. Jobs remain out of reach for millions. The few hold the many to ransom.

Our dream of a free, democratic, and thriving country with a government that works for the people, without corrupt self-interest, cannot be deferred any longer.

From the moment we set out on this journey last February we committed to give people a glimpse of the greatness we once knew and of the promise we once held. We committed to give a voice to those who could not be heard by those who did want to listen..

Today’s announcement gives both parties the tools to deliver a resounding message to the governing party: it is time for change.

Together, Agang SA and the Democratic Alliance will continue the journey towards the country and society we want.

All your effort and work over the past year has brought us to this historic moment.

This partnership will bring us closer to the country of our dreams. Together we will continue to work to transcend social division and the marginalisation of poor people. We will work to protect women and youth in our communities. Together we will ensure working hospitals and schools, hold the corrupt accountable, create a professional public service, and ensure leaders serve the people.

There is still work to be done. Agang SA and the DA bring complimentary strengths to the challenge of making South Africans believe in themselves again. We have an historic opportunity to mobilise South Africans from all walks of life to believe again that they can be agents of change.

The stronger Agang SA is in its efforts to mobilise South Africans who have remained excluded from the democratic process, the greater the opportunity is for us to win.

I am grateful for the efforts that each and every Agang SA member, volunteer and activist for successfully bringing us to this moment. I have full confidence that together we will restore the promise of freedom. I remain your proud, loyal and committed leader.

I ask each of you in Agang SA to re-double your efforts and intensify your commitment. We have an election to win.

Citizen Mamphela

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