Agang SA

Agang’s Aims

To Build the Country of Our Dreams

We want South Africans, young and old, to share again in the dream we had when we liberated ourselves from apartheid. We want to experience the thrill of living in an age of excitement and possibility, and to build a world-beating democracy, with a 21st-century economy to go with it. We want to inspire the millions who are too disillusioned to vote to take charge of their own lives and become active citizens who create their own future. We want all South Africans, of whatever culture or creed, to join us in building the country of our dreams.

To Empower the People to Govern

We want South Africans to be able to choose people they know from their own area to be Members of Parliament. If MPs don't deliver on their promises, we want voters to be able to vote them out of office at the next election. We don't want our MPs to be accountable only to the party bosses who put them on a list to serve in Parliament. We will launch a one-million signature campaign calling for reforms to make this happen, and electoral reform must be the first order of business in Parliament after the 2014 election.

To Build an Effective Public Service

We will build a humane, caring public service that treats citizens with the dignity we expect and deserve. We will build an effective public service, where employment and promotion are based on merit. We want public servants who are dedicated and competent, who earn good salaries and don’t use their positions to enrich themselves and their families.

To Build a Restructured Economy

We will restructure our economy to make it productive, competitive and inclusive. We will reform and modernise mining and agriculture so they can employ better-paid, highly-skilled workers. We will foster the development of skills to empower citizens to work in the fast-growing and innovative services sector, which can create millions of new jobs.

To Build a 21st Century Education and Training System

We will create an education system that enables the development of skills and confidence among our citizens so they can secure jobs in all sectors of a competitive, modern economy. We will support parents, teachers, unions and the private sector in working together with government to build a quality education and training system for all.

To Restore our Standing in Africa and the World

We will articulate a clear strategy for our political, economic and diplomatic outreach to the world, boosting growth and opportunities for citizens. We will restore our international reputation as a moral and ethical leader, dedicated to good governance and respect for human rights.

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